On The Attack!

On The Attack!
Great still frame from a game!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Update

I have started this blog as a way to help my viewers get to know me a bit better, as I scarcely answer any of their messages on YouTube due to lack of time.  I will try create a new post daily, but forgive me if I miss a day or two...or three; I'm quite busy sometimes.  For those of you viewing this who do not know of my YouTube channel, please check it out at channel name: deathcoreairsoft.  I do have my video blog channel for bloopers and outtakes but this blog is not for video, simply updates that I do not make videos about.  So please follow my blog, get to know Angus a bit better!


  1. Is their an age requirement to the join Death Core Airsoft team?

  2. deathcore about how far are u northwest iowa? im just starting out but im really good my dad played paintball and gave me his tactiks? whats the age limit and or any other requirments? iv got a full face masck that works well and is very durable a bb gun wont even phase it will it work?